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Welcome to Paramount Public School

Paramount Public School, Jaipur part has been established in 2010. Ever since, it has earned a very good reputation and currently it is the most sought after school in the twin cities. The school has attained a strength of 1500 within a short span of time.

Value Education

To create a climate that encourages freedom of thought while inculcating the savor of self-discipline, punctuality, fair play and industry.


To nurture heuristic, lifelong learners and who excel in conventional academic demands; explore and discover the inter connectivity.

Teaching Strategy

To practice tailored teaching strategies incorporating latest technology to facilitate the diverse learning styles and intelligence quotients of the student.


To allow opportunities for a guided, constructive and age-appropriate use of technology and other resources within and throughout the academic program.

At Paramount Public School, Jaipur, every student is provided opportunities to face challenges and overcome them with ease. Through regular class assemblies, Inter House, Inter School and Inter PPS activities, children gain a lot of exposure and experience and improve their mettle. The school aims to develop intellectual students with great discipline, intense determination and passion to do extremely well, the essential pre-requisites required to meet the challenges of the contemporary society. Our bright and happy kids speak volumes in terms of our endeavor. We provide education that fosters creative thinking and innovative skills. Excellence is the mindset and we wish to realize it in our students.
Our motto of ‘Service before self’ encompasses our core values and our promise to lead your child every step of the way. Supporting us in this vision is our handpicked faculty who are not only qualified but also oriented into the child-centric way of teaching.
Our Teachers are in fact partners in your child’s progress – the ideal mentor, friend and guide who journey through the crucial years in your child’s life. We view parents as an integral part of the child’s journey, encouraging feedback and apprising them of their child’s progress from time to time. The school has classes from Play Group to XI.

Our Pupils

We provided four classes with nine to twenty children each aged twelve month to five years of age.

Teaching Hours

To practice tailored teaching strategies incorporating latest technology.

Satisfied Parents

To create a climate that encourages freedom of thought while inculcating the savor of self-discipline..

Meals Per Year

To disseminate awareness of environmental concerns and humanitarian issues and kindle...

Our Classes

Our School Program Has Four Dedicated Classes
We provided four classes with nine to twenty children each aged twelve month to 18 years of age.

The school has seven air-conditioned buses currently and runs a bus service to most Jhotwara and nearby areas. The routing of the buses is dependent upon demand in certain areas and is run on a no-profit-no-loss basis. Bus fees are collected per term and bus services are available to all students from Year 4 onwards. The students are always accompanied by an attendant in the bus. Buses normally depart ten minutes after school gets over.


Our Facilities

We have been educating children for over fifteen years. Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.

PPS is an International School by

  • Maintaining a global perspective in an Asian context wherein it is situated
  • Embracing a diversity of cultures represented by its staff and students
  • Being sensitive and accepting of all cultures
  • Upholding a secular perspective within the School community
  • Offering national and international curriculums

The School Building


School Transport




Security and Safety

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  • Parent - Jim
    He has been challenged and has flourished academically; he has matured in a positive, supportive environment, and he has made many enduring friendships
    Parent - Jim
  • Kangning Wei
    My kid is getting a fantastic education and wonderful environment at Para Mount School. My kid gets not only academic but also character development.
    Kangning Wei
  • Rossman Parent
    Both of my children have loved the Para Mount School experience and received an excellent education while also making great friends and building values that will last a lifetime.
    Rossman Parent
  • TaNesha Davis
    This school is amazing! Every teacher and staff member I met have been beyond amazing. I would definitely recommend Para Mount School
    TaNesha Davis

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